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The dreaded speaking points!

Many flinch when asked to provide speaking points for an interview or a potential interview. The resistance that comes up is akin to school homework. The excuses we hear are, "I don't have enough time" "It takes too long" "We never get feedback, so what's the point?"

And from my perspective, I am astonished by the trepidation that lead to so many missed opportunities. Every request for your point of view, is an opportunity to put your signature imprint out into the world - out through the media. Isn't that what it's about? Isn't that what your communication purpose is - to offer your take?

In the time it takes to compose the email to our staff that lists the reasons 'why' you can't perform the task, I assure you, the job could have been done. After all, it's rarely a pop quiz on anything except what you know and do all day every day.

From the seat we take, we scratch our head and wonder - if they can't handle this, how are they going to handle the bigger things that come up?

Relax and in*joy the process!