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What it means to have your A-Game!

I've written about this for awhile. Much of this topic for me became the content for my book this year, "Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to Be Your Business Partner." So if it sounds like I'm beating the same drum, forgive me; however, I implore you to read closely. What is the A-Game? We play matchmakers for a living. We match media opportunity with the right expert. We do this all day long, every day! For the most part, WE LOVE IT! When it gets sticky for us, is when we witness a level of 'unwillingness' disguised in it's many forms, get in the way of the opportunity. Often times it sounds like this, "I wish they gave me more notice" "How much does it pay" and we get a lot of "Only if...." with a list of conditions that follow. It shows up as a correction on the part of the offer, as if it "should be this way, then..." Please don't mistake the idea of acquiring information from listing conditions. Acquiring information is the name of the game. Listing conditions, folds the process.

I often think about Ellen DeGeneres - talk about being on her A-Game. And when the opportunity came along to add "American Idol" to her already successful daily tasks of duties - she said "yes." Ultimately, it wasn't right for her, but she showed up. She's an extraoridinary example of the A-Game.

In our world, the folks that are willing to show up - big and small - absolutely, unequivocally succeed. Maybe not in their desired timing, but I always see them pop. It's one of the most gratifying parts of our work. The folks that like the idea of the outcome, but aren't engaged in the process - usually spin at why it's other people's fault they haven't been given the "prescribed right" opportunity. Or, the other tactic of - throwing conditions in the way of the process instead of allowing an opportunity to completely unfold until all the information is available to make have the privilege of making a fair choice.

Why do I care to write about this, so often. I genuinely want people to succeed, and I want to continue to succeed. I observe the dynamics as take home information for me, to review the check list for myself when opportunity presents.