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How to get the attention of a booker?

“To get booked in a flash, you need a pitch that sells, and to generate a pitch that sells, you need a sharp, catchy hook. Like all techniques we cover in this book, ultimately, this all boils down to you. Your hooks and angles can change all the time. They can change based on season, current trends in science or popular culture, or for the specific show you hope to be on soon. So you can have multiple hooks at hand, but they have to be time sensitive and show sensitive.A hook is the twist that is applied to your pitch. For example: Extreme Makeover Home Edition is a twist on Extreme Makeover. The pitch? The show that gives your home a facelift.Also, think of yourself as a brand name. Rich Dad, the Love Doctor, the Fitness Gourmet, Sherlock Bones, to name a few brands.Show a producer your press kit. A press kit is your visual calling card. Your press kit is an informational package that you send out to media outlets. It contains newspaper clippings about you, your bio, an edited reel of your appearances on other shows, photo, and press release.The more focused your brand name, the easier it will be to sell yourself and Get on TV."