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Lack of Industry Information Leads to Uninformed Decisions

I had the amazing privilege to do a workshop from the content of my book, "Heartfelt Marketing" this past weekend to 170 business people. In our industry (media/entertainment), there are many myths. Some of those myths include what I call, "Hollywood and Vine Mentality" where folks think that they are so special that the world is just waiting to meet them. Although, this maybe true, it's still our own responsibility to make or market, so the world will know. Another myth is that the industry is "out to get you" - the idea that people are going to steal our ideas or our money. This hasn't proven to be true in my professional experience. The group of producers and industry creatives have always been straight forward and clean. A 'creep' is a 'creep' and whomever is a 'creep', everybody usually knows it. It's important to us at JJI/TVGuestpert that we inform and educate our Guestperts, as we bring them up and out, about the nuances that are unique to our industry...an example of that would be appearance release forms. Every show issues a release form that requests the rights to use your appearance for air and promotion. If it asks for worldwide rights, it's not a conspiracy, it's pretty typical. When large opportunity comes to the table, a confident informed talent chooses optimistically over suspiciously.