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Why it is important to do PR in your Business?

An interview with Jacquie Jordan ~Why it is important to do PR in your business? We get asked this question a lot - and it's a good question to ask. The example I use for screenwriters is "Can you get a movie made with a script in your desk drawer?" PR is everything. It's how you relate your business to the world outside of your work. It's not something that should be a passive experience, but a conscious choice - which is what I discuss in my most recent book, "Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to Be Your Business Partner." We have an active choice about how we want to present our abilities, skills, accomplishments, disappointments and contribution to our industry or our community.

PR vs. Advertising-what works, what doesn't? Another great question. I like PR as it allows the receiver to participate in how they take in the information. Advertising feels like a forced message. Yet, I am not saying, "Don't pay for PR." I'm just pointing out the what I perceive as the difference between the two forms of outwardly expressed business communication.

How to create a sound byte, why that is important? Because no one is really paying any attention. Sound bites are the communication vehicle to speak in the attention span of the receiver. These days, that attention span has gotten really small. Also, the non verbal behind a sound bite is POWERFUL. When someone can give their 'elevator speech' or 'thirty second pitch' and it is delivered tight - sometimes the energy of the confidence will blow you over more so than what is said.

What the media is looking for (hooks instead of promoting a book as an example.) It's never about 'what it's about.' When you watch Leno or Letterman, the movie stars aren't really in the neighborhood just 'stopping by.' They are selling a movie or a book. Yet, the content of the interview is never about the movie or the book. Yes, there may be a 'beat' or a take a look at this clip, but the conversation is well orchestrated entertainment to make the celebrity likeable with a 'story' that is far from improv. Once you see behind that curtain, you can actively create stories that package your overall plug (movie, book, event, agenda). Every media outlet has 'different types' of stories that they prefer to talk about. So creating content is KING (or Queen!)

Give examples of what PR did for client's business. Example the Oprah Effect being on a national TV show. Guestpert twins sold $40,000.00 worth of their fitness DVD series "Cardio-lates" after an appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. The best thing that happened in recent publishing was the Oprah Winfrey Show. The show kept traditional publishing in business ten years longer than it may have - I have had company referrals inquire about our services as TVGuestpert. One of the things they will say to me is - "I was on the Today Show 20 times, and I never sold a book." My response is, "Well what did you say?" They will answer, "I answered their questions." And I will say, "That was your problem." A television appearance in any venue is a well orchestrated tango. You need to know the dance move in order to deliver the segment as pre-determined with the producer and protect the integrity of your media goals.