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Once you get paid for a GIG be GRACIOUS!

I love when art imitates life and plays out on the worldwide stage! And true to form, the Black Swan IS NOT happy. On 20/20, ballet body double, Sarah Lane is not happy with White Swan/good girl image/Natalie Portman for receiving all the attention. To the point that frames were counted as for who danced more in the final cut of the film. Sarah is happy that Natalie won the Oscar, but not for the dancing. Now, I know that Natalie Portman didn't do all the dancing. But being a great actress along with fantastic filmmakers, she looks like she did, but that is production and the point of good filmmaking. Again, many people can not let go of a successful - well done project - that they were PAID for, but they were PAID for it. Job complete. That's where it ends. I am reading Laura Schlessinger's book, "Surviving a Shark Attack (on land :Overcoming Betrayal and Dealing with Revenge" because I have seen this dynamic play out over and over again. And only when a project is successful do people pitch a fit. You never hear a peep on unsuccessful projects. So what is this really about? From a higher perspective, the way I witness this - is the person who feels 'unseen' or 'unacknowledged' hasn't been in touch with their own fabulous gifts and has most likely not honored them. When they see their contribution as part of a bigger success, instead of feeling the grief for the time they have undervalued their gifts, they try to steal back something they believe was stolen. Of course, we know that projection is all an illusion. Maturity would have it, that you would ask a higher fee on your next job. As for the credit, that is the gift of a body-double, a ghostwriter, a behind the scenes strategist - they are behind the scenes because they are actually the ones with the most power in the equation. Sarah, Natalie Portman, won the Academy Award for Best Performance in Acting, not dancing. But the bigger piece here is - Sarah, maybe it's time for you to step out front and own your divine prima ballerina moment, but not at the expense of another's.