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BlackBitterly Entitlement

At our company, we manage over a thousand pieces of content data and information daily. And the microscopic detail is significant. The who, what time zone, where, which coast, what will they say, who's coming in, who's traveling out. It's endless. Our staff needs to be on the ball with the information at a moments notice. There is a small culture of blackberry users who receive truncated messages, and today, I am going to say - the inability to receive full content is NOT the problem of the sender. We are responsible for our own technology devices. If we have an I-Pad and it doesn't open flash, we are responsible for applying the technology that reads the message. All too often, we are experiencing "blackbitterly" short reads. BLACKBITTERLY ENTITLEMENT is only reading the first two lines of an email and firing back without full responsibility of the information at their disposal. For our radio show, we booked a very busy television producer. He accepted the invitation to be on the air. When our radio show producer called him to confirm the booking, the busy television producer "freaked out." As he hadn't read the email, but by "blackbitterly" and agreed to a time in which he was not available. SHORTSIGHTED - we are already living in the world of short form - short films, short expression, short attention spans, short sound-bites - TRUST ME. I am only 5' tall and have understood the plight of being short for a long time. But the BlackBitterly madness needs to stop. If you can't read it, wait until you are at a technology that allows you to read it and stop asking the rest of us to "resend" to accommodate your technological - make it easier on you, but not the rest of us, shortsighted, -busy life. And if you cannot, then it is time to upgrade. In the middle of a mercury retrograde transit, I am quite sure that this is fair to say! "TTYL!" JJ