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It starts with the diet. You are what you eat. The fuel we feed the body-mind determines the output.

Exercise is essential to health and probably the most natural and widely researched area regarding health and fitness.

Aromatherapy is another area of natural health. We use oils and scents to effect the energy of the body-mind. Just think about the smell of cinnamon. It makes you feel warm and stimulates the appetite.

Color and light have a direct effect on our energy. Walk out into the sun light and you get a very different response from your body-mind than you do when you walk out into a grey and cold day.

Sound has profound effect on our energy. Listen to marching music and you will feel a change in your body temperature and your mental outlook.

Spiritual Fitness is as important as body-mind fitness. You are a spirit having a body-mind experience.

Herbs have many wonderful health giving properties. Did you know that Ginseng builds strength? That's because it gives us a supply of iron.

Relaxation such as that we derive from meditation brings the body-mind into a balanced and calm state. This is good for balancing our biochemistry as well as quieting the stressful mind.

You are what you think, do and say. Natural Health involves the conscious awareness of how we operate as human beings. Balance is the key.