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Cheyenne   Cheyenne Sutphen 3625475

Chef, Witch, Psychic, medium, hypnotist, oracle, Metaphysical, Mystic


Cheyenne Van Zutphen, the Gourmet Kitchen Witch is a Private Chef and Mystic from Malibu, California. She is the daughter of world renowned Metaphysical Authors and Hypnotherapists Dick & Tara Sutphen. Her obsession with the occult started young and was nurtured by the wisdom of her parents. Her love of witchcraft sparked her interest in the natural world and she began cooking huge dinners for the Witches Sabbaths at age 12. Honoring the forces of the elements with every meal.

Creating traditional Sabbath gatherings has since shaped her life's journey, attending culinary school with a background in managing events and working as a chef for multiple catering companies. Mastering the art of food rituals, gorgeous table settings and the ability to evoke a sense of seduction through stylized atmospheres. She wants her culinary patrons to taste her witchcraft; as if their will alone was governed by their desire of the senses. Still cooking seasonally with a flair for the rustic, Cheyenne manages to define herself with an elemental eloquence.

Playing mainly on her roots as a Californian girl with a touch of inspiration from three years spent in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, to her it's not enough to be farm to table, Cheyenne works hand in hand with nature to create an extraordinary vision of the earth's bounty.

Sometimes with the untamed assistance of the environment in honor of the wild we all have within. Making those romantic moments outside in the glow of the full moon, with a feast before you and the dirt in your bare feet, a fire light dancing in the eyes of the ones you love as you break bread and laugh. Those are the moments that still in time and last forever. Capturing just one of those in a lifetime is as beautiful as living itself. Creating that kind of evening dream as a chef is a type of poetry whispered to those that inspire nature to not only live around us but to live within, as well. The vision of Chef Cheyenne Van Zutphen is simply that, to share a hunger for being alive through tastes that take her guests into a place of experience beyond their plates.