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Alton   Mr. Alton Pete

Military, Veteran, Life, Faith, God, Stress, Family, Finances, Motivation, Being Inspirational, Seek Positive Things, Receive Positive Things and How To Stay Humble.


Alton E. Pete is retired from the United States Army. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he graduated from El Cerrito High School. After a couple of years in college, he later joined the army in 1987. He started his military career at Fort Lewis, Washington; was stationed in Hanau, Germany; and went on various assignments throughout the States and Puerto Rico.

He went on one very long, dangerous tour in Iraq and retired from the army out of Fort Irwin, California, in 2014. He is a people person and has a sincere, genuine love for all cultures regardless of backgrounds. He is a community supporter for the homeless, the less fortunate, and families that are struggling.

Like his mother, he enjoys giving to see someone smile and restoring the love back in their hearts. He’s currently back in college to pursue his master’s degree in music and then a PhD.

Real gold goes through the fire and becomes pure gold once it is transformed or transfigured out of the fire—more than we can fathom.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Life is So Precious

With the fast pace of today’s world and it’s technological advances, many are overwhelmed and functioning under high levels of stress. However, life gives back what we put into it. Just about everyone gets stuck between life’s shifts and curves at one time or another, which happens to change our style.

Pete expounds upon a period in which he overcame several adversities that had him asking God, “why me?”.

Through such trials he came to the realization that when God has a plan for your life, you can try to run but you can’t hide. Ultimately, God desires to get glory from and through your life. So, when you are feeling weak, repeat to yourself that you are strong.

We don’t always have to wait until the holiday seasons are here. We can express so many forms of love every single day to as many as we can. Lose the fear. It’s ok to be aware, just don’t let your love for one another slip or fade away. Instead, let the brotherly love and the sisterly love continue; we are helpers of one another.

On this journey, when your direction in life leaves you feeling a little weary or vulnerable. Remember, there is hope for the hopeless. God is still a father to the fatherless, he’s God enough to be a mother to the motherless. He’s also a Perfect friend to the friendless.