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Marion   Marion Skeete
Minister, Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Author

Leadership, Potential Development, Communication, Cross-cultural Communication, Multiculturalism, Police Brutality, Racism, Religious Freedom, Interreligious Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Women’s Issues, Urban Issues


Marion Skeete’s riveting and powerful messages inspire audiences both nationally and internationally. As a gifted Cross-Cultural Communicator, Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker, she is able to communicate profound truths in practical and life-transforming ways. As a child who migrated from the Caribbean with her family, Marion struggled with low self-esteem and the desperate need to fit in with her peers. She now views her childhood struggle as a blessing in disguise, as her life’s work is to empower people to transcend societal glass ceilings and psycho-spiritual and social limitations.

Marion is a Speaker at a variety of religious and non-religious venues. An Ordained Minister, Certified Professional Life Coach, and an Inspirational Speaker, she is the Founder and President of LegacyMakers International Ministries—a multicultural, intergenerational leadership development ministry that equips and trains individuals and organizations locally and globally, through Coaching, Conversations and Community transformation. Having miraculously overcome a life-threatening illness and life at “ground zero,” she motivates audiences with her message that by discovering the DNA of God within you, what was meant to cripple you can actually catalyze you into your destiny.

Using a high level of cultural competency, Marion is also a Trainer, who assists staffs and leadership teams in issues related to teambuilding, professional development and conflict resolution. She is a Certified Mediator with The Los Angeles County Bar Association Dispute Resolution Services, and also earned a Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate with the Western Justice Center in Pasadena, CA. With her other credentials such as a Certificate in Civil Harassment Mediation Training with the Los Angeles Superior Court, and a Conflict Resolution Certificate with The California Conference for Equality and Justice, focusing on Interreligious Dialogue, Marion is a bridge-builder, who bridges divides that separate people behind walls of ignorance and fear.

Marion is also the Author of the award-winning book, “Second Wind: Truth for the Champion in You,” which offers practical and inspiring insights to overcome adversity and become all that God has destined for us to be. Having earned a Certificate in Faith-based Screenwriting from Act One: Writing for Hollywood, as a screenwriter, Marion is passionate about telling the untold stories of faith. She also hosts a weekly “Second Wind” Radio Broadcast" on WEZE, the largest Christian radio station in New England, Marion is also the host of an online TV talk show, “Living Legacy,” geared to Christian young adults.

With a Master of Divinity and a concentration in Cross-cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA, Marion is uniquely gifted and divinely commissioned to be a compassionate voice for truth. Beyond her ministry and vocational work, her life is the “living letter” that shouts “Hope!” unashamedly in an often cynical and disillusioned world.