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Loral   Mrs. Loral Langemeier
Live Out Loud, CEO, NY Times Bestselling Author

International Speaker, Trainer, New York Times Bestselling Author, CEO, Success


Why Women Miss Out on Creating Passive Income

As Seen In… Forbes, May 6, 2013

‘Millionaire Maker’ Loral Langemeier Says Women Investors Must Be More Aggressive...

Loral Langemeier has two words for successful businesswomen looking
for financial freedom: Man up!

Langemeier, known as the “Millionaire
Maker” and founder of the coaching and seminar company Live Out Loud, says even high-achieving women entrepreneurs miss opportunities to
create passive income streams for themselves because their investing style is different than that of their male counterparts.

“Women are starting more small businesses than men, but even savvy
women who have built successful enterprises tend to reinvest excess cash back into their own business or use it to make purchases for their homes and families,” says Langemeier.

“Men, on the other hand, are more likely to be aggressive investors. And right now, in this business cycle, those who take advantage of opportunities stand to make significant gains.”

Unlocking the secrets to making cash and making cash work is second nature to Langemeier. Growing up on a family farm, she started her first business while in high school, despite having no financial skills. But she quickly

Retraining herself to believe that “money comes easily and frequently,” she amassed a multimillion-dollar
portfolio of properties, businesses,
energy investments and notes by the time she was 34.

Ten years ago she founded Live Out Loud so she could share her insights
with others and, perhaps more importantly, help them remove the
roadblocks they have placed between themselves and financial opportunities.

Langemeier and the staff of Live Out Loud have served tens of thousands
of individuals worldwide and created thousands of millionaires.

Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, in-person and online courses, and a wide range books and DVDs, including 5 New Your Times Bestselling books, Langemeier’s advice is both intense and practical. She
lavishes individuals with a combination of innovative business solutions that spur cash creation and profoundly personal advice that unlocks energy and sparks enthusiasm.

What is Langemeier’s advice for women
investors now? “This is the greatest economy we’ve ever had for building wealth. The high rate of business foreclosures, devalued real estate and low interest rates make assets cheap to acquire. If your current business
is making money, put the cash to work by buying and flipping distressed properties and companies,” she says. “But this climate won’t last long. Escalating interest rates and
inflation are inevitable. If you have liquid assets now, why aren’t you playing?”