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Troy   Troy Dunn

Host, DadGuard, Family, Relationships, Parenting, Teens & Children, and Cyberspace


currently host of "APB with Troy Dunn" on TNT.

In my 20 plus years of rebuilding fractured families as "The Locator" on TV, I have seen some amazing things- both good and bad. One of the saddest things I have seen too many times is how many parents are oblivious as to what their children are truly doing and experiencing online. While some children are being less than honest about their cyber activities, far more are being victimized in a number of ways that would break your heart if you only knew... and you do need to know if you are going to save them.

Like you, Jennifer (my amazing wife of 25 years) and I have read the horrible stories and seen the sad reports on the news about the rising rate of teen suicide, cyber bullying, sexting, online sexual predators, etc... all activities which are happening on children's phones, tablets and computers. Most of it is actually happening under your own roof without your knowledge! Sadly, it is only AFTER a tragedy occurs that police and parents start to discover the clues that were sitting in plain sight... on the computer or child's phone. Jen and I decided we needed to do more to protect our children (all 8 of them!) in this new digital world we all live in. We realized it isn't about trusting your child. Show me a parent who refuses to monitor their child's digital activities because they "trust them" and I will show you a parent who is gambling with their child's life. That may sound harsh but I have the research and evidence and police reports to support that statement.

You would never let your children leave the house at night alone to go wander the city looking for entertainment and new friends. Yet, unbeknownst to you, your child is going out alone and wandering all over the world via their phone and computer! They are being preyed upon by cunning individuals, they are being hassled by unkind classmates, they are being manipulated by immoral boyfriends or girlfriends. My friend, your children may or may not know it, but they need you by their side as they wander thru cyberspace-they need to be protected.

I travel frequently and cannot always be by my children's side 24/7 but with the creation of DadGuard, I am still always watching over them. Best of all, I am able to do it without smothering them or constantly questioning them- I just always know because DadGuard keeps me informed on everything. And that brings peace to us as parents and safety to our children.

I hope you will immediately put DadGuard to work for your family and rest easy knowing your children are being carefully protected day and night in cyberspace no matter where they are or who they are with.