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Gayani   Gayani DeSilva M.D.
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

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 Signs that a child is being sexually assaulted
 Sexual harassment at work: the mental health effects
 Talking to children about tragedy in the news
 Parents Gas-lighting Their Kids: "You're Ok" or "You Have Nothing to get Angry About"
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 Matter of Fact: How are memories made?
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 Parents caring for their kids with addictions
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 The Student-Teacher Relationship: Why the dream infatuation
 Bullying impairs the wellbeing and development of mental health.
 Lesser known signs that your child may be gifted
 Healing pain
 Book: A Psychiatrist's Guide; Helping Parents reach their Depressed Tween
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 Helping children handle scary things in the news
 Public reactions to recent traumatic events in the news
 Gun Advocate kills her children, what is she advocating for?
 Orlando shooter
 The new Barbie dolls are not enough to empower girls
 Children practicing mindfulness
 Transgender children in opposite sex locker rooms and bathrooms
 Hate, the flip side to Love
 Staying with a cheater
 Laughter is still the best medicine
 Food for thought: healthy nutrition for healthy minds
 Advancing Autism: The new trend
 Cheating spouses have no fun when the secret is out
 How maternal language affects social skills
 Green space improves brain power
 Cutting the financial cord with adult children
 Why treating ADHD improves school success
 Why are cops shooting the mentally ill?
 Texting 911 instead of calling
 Dealing with difficult bosses
 Angry teens are often depressed
 Winning the custody battle
 Chronic Illness and depression
 Overuse of psychiatric medications for children in foster care
 Lufthansa's Co-Pilot’s suicide and homicide
 Overcome fear and anxiety
 What should teens know on a health front when it comes to intercourse?
 Embracing Regret
 How smart people fall victim to scams
 Are video games good for your brain?
 Communicating with your child in difficult situations
 Diagnosed with ADHD, now what?
 When a family member commits suicide
 The NFL gets tough on Domestic Violence.
 Sexual, physical and emotional abuse (including neglect) can cause brain damage in children
 Bullying at schools shockingly common
 Robin Williams' Suicide a sad reminder of the seriousness of depression
 The truth about drugs and mental illness
 Lies, Deceit, and Cheating
 How isolation impacts the mental health of women
 When to seek mental health assistance for your child
 Teaching children through consequences
 Dealing with family secrets
 Body language for executives
 Convergent vs Divergent thinking
 Yelling is the new spanking
 Is Asperger's over-diagnosed in many techies?
 Reactive Attachment Disorder
 Few things are more anxiety provoking for parents than learning that their child has been cutting on their body.
 Pet therapy: Health benefits
 Justin Bieber—going downhill fast, or is this normal kid stuff?
 Cyber punishment—are we going too far with using the internet to help us parent?
 Shootings, again, in Colorado
 Addiction and the holidays
 Portrayal of similarly beautiful women and differently attractive men on TV for pre-teens
 VA State Senator Deed’s stabbing
 Should kids read books like THE HUNGER GAMES?
 Should NFL player Jonathan Martin have stood up for himself against the bullying by Richie Incognito?
 Murder of teacher by infatuated student
 RapeBait, the Georgia Tech Frat Problem
 Debunking the myth that depression and suicide attempts increase during the holidays
 A child-centered approach to custody disputes
 Brain models: implications for advancement of medicine, science and other deeds
 How to make the most of your visit to the Doctor
 10 things Child Therapists wish Marriage Counselors would say to their clients
 Traumatic childhood experiences influence disordered eating habits more than concerns about weight
 Credits cards—fraught with risks worse than BPA!
 49% of the US population does not use or abuse alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs
 Bonding with baby—mommy diaries
 Treatment, not ADHD affects puberty
 E-cigarettes: trading one form of nicotine addiction for another
 Safeguarding our communities from mass shootings
 Hollywood stars and mental illness
 Bullying: No child left unscathed
 Video game violence is akin to real violence
 The stress of keeping a secret can lead to physical illness
 Psychiatric medication treats mental illness, not troublesome behavior
 Becoming a successful adult entails learning how to be independent as a child
 Teens killing “for the fun of it”
 A new school year brings opportunity for academic and emotional growth
 Parents do not need to “instill” compassion or empathy in children.
 If Hannah Anderson had a “relationship” with DiMaggio, does that make her a willing partner in crime?
 CA's new law to be accepting of transgender children is a courageous and bold step forward
 Being found safe and sound is only the first step in ensuring Hannah Anderson's safety
 12 Steps are too abstract for teenagers with addiction problems
 Sandusky is not a victim of biology despite his assertions
 When depression gets misdiagnosed
 Normal sadness, a different story than "clinical depression"
 Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan need patience, tolerance, and compassion
 Violence during dating, it's not at all playful
 Making choices will change your brain
 Mobs, a group of individuals acting as one
 The longer a brain gets pickled, the less it works properly
 Nutrition’s relationship with mental health
 Depression, a disease of the heart
 Dispelling the myths of mental illness
 Addicted to Sext’ing
 Talking to children about disturbing topics in the news
 Perpetrators of sexual harassment may need treatment
 A child’s brain is a muscle too
 The 5 Commandments of treating Bipolar Disorder
 Who doesn't love to tango with a Robot?
 Marijuana, not the panacea it touts to be
 Post-Partum depression, more than having "the baby blues"
 Sexual harassment is a form of sexual assault and can have the same devastating effects on women as being raped
 Physicians go the distance when caring for their patients
 ADHD: real or myth?
 Kids, short attention spans, and quitting activities
 Celebrating Friendship
 Getting ready for Pre-School
 Summer’s “unavoidable” fights
 Quirky Stress Busters That Work
 Clutter is detrimental to children’s well-being
 Mind over sleep matters
 My parents drive me bananas!
 Addicted to feeling good
 New moms and old friends: staying connected despite dirty diapers and spit-up
 Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: mission impossible?
 Listening—the path to improving communication and preventing self harming acts by teenagers
 Attempting suicide-a desperate cry for help
 Child Protective Services: too big for their britches and too small for their shoes.
 Play is the best medicine
 Smart is the new sexy