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Gina   Gina Cloud

Author, Speaker, Natural Beauty, Health and Wellness, Women's Health, Menstruation, Women's Sexuality, and Body Image


GINA CLOUD was born in New Orleans. She is a passionate W.O.M.A.N., creator of GinaCology, deeply devoted teacher, author, speaker, Natural Beauty, health and wellness consultant, Women’s Health Advocate, radio show host, dancer, and single mother of a teenaged daughter. She has spent the last 25 years developing this body of work based on the powerful—often misunderstood, misrepresented, even despised—biological cycles of women’s lives, through her own personal journey into self-mastery and the idea that women can and do heal themselves: GinaCology!

GinaCology, the overarching concept behind all her work, teaches Gina’s self-created and self-lived principles that we need to live our lives like a W.O.M.A.N (The title of her book and her manifesto), that women are their own best doctors, know your body intimately, know how to find answers to the important questions in your life, have a solid, tried and true resource base for EVERY area of your life, body, mind and soul, be responsible for your orgasms and express YOUR sexuality, not his, embrace the pleasure principle, dance, speak your mind, and that you’re beautiful. One of Gina’s favorite mantras is “Beauty is not skin deep; it’s soul-deep and spirit-fed.” In anutshell, it's personal gynecology!!

Gina has been a guest on many radio programs, including KPFK Pacifica Radio, the Rolanda Watts Show and Playboy Radio, and is the host of her own radio show, GinaCology, which can be found at Contact Talk Radio and on iTunes. Gina published her first book: W.O.M.A.N., A New Definition in 2009. She has also been featured as an expert guest on The Ricki Lake Show in September 2012.

Gina is an inspirational and passionate speaker who loves to share her knowledge and her joy for being a W.O.M.A.N. She has a lifestyle, health and wellness coaching/consultant practice which is rooted in Natural Health and Beauty and teaching women how to transform their lives from the inside out. She is also available as a speaker on many inspirational and informational topics, including Natural Beauty, Hormones, Environmental Toxins and their role in our health, how to be your own best health advocate, women’s sexuality, Honoring the Temple (A natural beauty tips and tricks encyclopedia!), Redefining your relationship to your menstrual cycle and PMS, and living the life YOU want to live, She is the creator of the very successful ‘tween workshop, The Sacred Facts of Life, which gives “the talk” to young girls in an empowering and unique fashion. It’s truly one of a kind. Gina also works with men via teleclasses and coaching in areas of relationship and self-empowerment and loves the whole topic of relationships in general.

Gina is the single mother of a 17-year old daughter and lives in Los Angeles. She is passionate about information as it relates to our lives as women, and finding ways to honor and celebrate the feminine wisdom and power we possess, as well as helping men and women come together in relationships that honor and celebrate our inherent differences. She is deeply committed to her own personal transformation and to teaching self-empowerment to others in a way that brings forth each person’s authentic self, expressed in true beauty and radiating through the heart.