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Peter   Mr. Peter Bedard MA, C.Ht.
Author, Host, Speaker, International Teacher

Alternative Health, Author of "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" (Simon & Schuster/Enliven Books), Holistic Healing, Hosting, Community Activist, Anxiety, Addiction, Chronic Pain, Integrative Wellness, Guided Imagery, Chronic Pain, Trauma

Upcoming Appearances:

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Prior Appearances:
 Episode 4 - Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard podcast featuring the healing work of McKerrin Kelly on ageing, exercise, and health. 
 Episode 3 - Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard podcast featuring fellow TV Guestpert Dr. Lynn  
 Episode 2 - Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard featuring the energy healing work of Kim Klaas. 
 Workshop for the Agape Spiritual Center's LGBT Ministry, Los Angeles, CA 
 Premier of the Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard podcast - The first episode features the healing work of Gary Stuart and Constellation Healing therapy. 
 Peter signs a year long podcast deal with Revry TV to produce content for their cutting edge "queerated" app! 
 The Loretta Brown Show, 1150 AM 
 Anniversary Book Signing at the LA County Store! 
 Quoted in Tiger Shed magazine about the benefits of Lavender as a tea and cooking spice - http://www.tigersheds.com/thehiphorticulturist/top-5-herb-and-plant-based-teas-which-help-you-sleep/ 
 Born to Talk Radio with Marsha Wietecha, 300,000+ Listeners http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/93054912 
 Special guest giving a talk on "Tips and Tools for Healing Stress During the Holidays" at the Salt Studio in Pasadena, CA! 
 "Three Tips for Easing Chronic Pain" article published on Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. blog/website - http://www.edgarcayce.org/about-us/blog/blog-posts/three-tips-for-easing-chronic-pain 
 Interviewed for Prevention Magazine on healing pain and the resulting depression 
 Guest lecturer at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in Virginia Beach sharing about becoming your own medical intuitive. 
 Featured speaker at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce National Conference! 
 Featured speaker at the One Love Festival in Ojai, CA! 
 Weekend workshop at the prestigous McIndoe Falls Inn, Vermont focused on healing pain and working through past traumas. 
 Special guest on the Lorretta Brown Show to talk about Convergence Healing and healing anxiety, addiction, and stress issues! 
 Woo Hoo! The Jenny McCarthy showed asked me to share my book, "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" on their show! It was awesome! 
 Special taping of ground breaking healers on the "Miracles in Hypnosis" radio show with Did Vergados! Focusing Post Traumatic Growth and Convergence Healing! 
 Guest speaker and workshop leader at Hypnothoughts Live teaching "Convergence Healing". 
 Peter shares his experience cooking with healing herbs and teas in a live demo on Sac & Co, ABC 10. 
 Guest speaker at the "Energy & Healing" conference in Mission Viejo, CA. 
 Taught a practitioners workshop on applying the Convergence Healing process to other healing practices at the Pasadena Integrative Practitioners meeting. 
 What a fantastic day! I had another 2 day workshop on Convergence Healing in Lima, Peru! Another international workshop and opportunity to share the healing of "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love". 
 Create Your Health TV show with 60 episodes is picked up by Revry TV to be screened on Apple TVs throughout the USA! 
 Guest on the Conscious Connection Radio Show with Gary Stuart 
 Special guest on air with Johnathan Colbert on the "What's Your Holistic Lifestyle" radio show. 
 Featured article on "Convergence Healing" and Peter Bedard in the National Pain Report. Pain is our greatest teacher! http://nationalpainreport.com/pain-as-our-greatest-teacher-an-interview-with-author-peter-bedard-8830830.html 
 Book signing at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Santa Monica, CA! 
 Invited speaker and special guest at the Cal Comm Men Spirituality Workshop! 
 Guest speaker at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach, VA...mini-workshop and book signing. 
 Workshop on healing anxiety on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels using the Convergence Healing process, hypnosis and herbs at the Herbs of Mexico retail store in East Los Angeles. 
 "Radically Alive-Healing Beyond Your Beliefs"-Workshop benefiting the Inspire Spiritual Community! 
 One hour of healing conversation on the "One Radio Network" show this morning with Patrick Timpone. We spoke about near death experiences, the responsibility of healing, the gift of pain, and how to connect with pain itself at the source! 
 Book signing and workshop at barnes & Noble Palm Desert. The Events Manager said this mini-workshop was the "most attended event" he's had in a long time. Over 30 people and standing room only. 
 Co-book signing and talk at Barnes & Noble at The Grove on how to lose weight through hypnosis and releasing pain based thinking. 
 Peter is the featured guest on the international online TV show HypnosisTV.com where he shares his work and healing process with world renown Hypnotherapist Lisa Machenberg.  
 Peter is the special guest of change maker Cyrus Webb on "Conversations Live". 
 No More Pain, Healing Pain with Energetic Love - In person workshop to benefit local community coffee house, Holy Grounds. 
 "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" and author Peter Bedard, MA, C.Ht. are featured guests on the national radio show, The Power Hour with Joyce Riley 
 Peter is a featured guest on "Making Life Brighter" radio with Winifred Adams! 
 Peter is one of three panelist at The Cancer Concierge in Long Beach where he takes questions about holistic health, the healing work he did on himself, and how others can heal. 
 Special fund drive guest on the IMRU show hosted on KPFK Radio. Peter is sharing his book, "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" and his healing teas as premium thank you gifts for anyone who pledges $100 or more to KPFK and IMRU. 
 Workshop and book signing in Pasadena at The Salt Studio sharing the work of "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love". 
 Special guest on the "Life in Brilliance" podcast with life coach and career guru Liz Garcia. 
 Featured guest on the Valder Beebee Show to talk about the spirituality of healing. 
 Featured guest on "Conversations Live" with Cyrus Webb to talk about healing pain with energetic love. 
 Featured guest on "Rewired Radio" with Erica Spieglman to talk about healing addiction and the lie of "Once an Addict Always an Addict". 
 Featured guest on "Alayna's Beauty Talk and More". With close to a million listeners Peter has become a regular guest on Alayn's show and in this episode he shares the healing work of "Convergence Healing" and learning to befriend your pain. 
 Featured guest on the "Other Side of Midnight" show with Richard Hoagland to talk with callers and share his work on releasing pain. 
 Featured guest on KUCI radio show "Fighting For Love" (88.9FM andwww.kuci.org). It is scheduled to air on Monday, January 11th, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. PST. 
 Book signing and workshop at Grassroots Market in South Pasadena sharing the work of "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love". 
 Barnes & Noble workshop and reading sharing the work of "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" in Mira Mesa, CA. 
 Featured guest on "Coast to Coast" radio to talk about "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" and how to create your own personal path to healing. 
 Featured guest on "Late Night Health" radio show with Mark Alyn on KABC Talk Radio Los Angeles, Independent Talk 1100 KFNX Phoenix, AM 1300 WMEL and many others..... 
 "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love" named as one of the top healing books of 2015! http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/12/prweb13144229.htm 
 Featured in Premier Reverse Magazine, “A Holistic Approach to Aches and Pains” . Peter's practice and work as a therapist and holistic health coach were highlighted along with other Southern California healers 
 Interviewed on Careers in Psychology Magazine - http://careersinpsychology.org/interview/peter-bedard-ma/ 
 "Life Changes with Filippo" radio show - Featured guest discussing healing anxiety, depression, and pain. http://lifechangesnetwork.com/create-your-perfect-health-with-guest-peter-bedard-and-musical-guest-chris-murphy-on-life-changes-radio-show-313/ 
 Losing Weight - The Body, Mind, Spirit Approach - Alayna's Beauty Talk and More. http://latalklive.com/new/alaynas-beauty-talk 
 Article in Z Living Magazine - The Most Interesting (& Controversial) Alternative Healing Methods - http://www.zliving.com/health/complementary-alternative-medicine/interesting-controversial-alternative-healing-methods-43806/ 
 SIGNED with Atria Publishing Group/Simon & Schuster - Contracted to publish Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process To Lovingly Heal Your Pain http://imprints.simonandschuster.biz/atria 
 Featured guest expert on The Dr. Levi Show with renowned surgeon and fitness expert Dr. Levi Harrison discussing holistic health, herbal healing teas, life after death and Near Death Experiences, and so much more! 
 Featured guest with pharmacist Dr. Leyla Ali on Alayna's Beauty Talk and More discussing pharmacy and natural herbal solutions direct from Mother Nature 
 Featured guest on Wellness for Realist with Christian Christiano discussing Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process to Lovingly Heal Your Pain and healing addiction, anxiety, and chronic health conditions. 
 Special workshop at the Center Theatre Group in downtown LA (a multi-million dollar cultural theatre production company) on how to attract and retain donors. The theme was "Building Relationship - With Donors, Others, and Self". 
 Featured speaker in Dublin, Ireland teaching Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process to Lovingly Heal Pain. 
 Featured speaker in Athlone, Ireland teaching Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process to Lovingly Heal Pain. 
 Featured speaker in Istanbul, Ireland teaching Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process to Lovingly Heal Pain. 
 Quoted in Girls Gone Sporty regarding bringing healing teas beyond drinking a cup and into food. http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/articles/fitness/4-delicious-healthy-tea-recipes/ 
 KUSI News, San Diego, CA - 10 minute debate on the legalization of marijuana. 
 Guest teacher at WE BE WELL in Long Beach, California teaching about the 3 Steps of Consciously Creating Wellness. 
 Peter was the featured guest on "It Doesn't Matter You're Gonna Die" with comedian Dave Arena...heating up some loving controversy on the nature of dis-ease and sickness. http://itdoesntmatteryouregonnadie.com/hypnotherapist-peterbedard/ 
 The Alive and Healthy Conference - Peter is a key speaker at this major holistic healing event. He speaks about Convergence Healing, A 7 Step Process for Healing Pain and his upcoming book of the same title. 
 Alayna's Beauty Talk and More - Returning guest, Peter talks about forgiveness and healing. 
 Alayna's Beauty Talk and More - Returning guest to talk about healing and inner beauty! 
 Convergence Healing, Finding Peace Through the Pain of Addiction - Peter teaches this SOLD OUT workshop to an appreciative crowd. 
 Peter is a guest panelist at the Studio City chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce where he discuss spiritual marketing and sending appreciation instead of advertising. 
 Oh Mary! Peter is asked back to the Oh Mary! Show. His first show recorded back in 2011 is still one of their top three shows. Peter talks about his upcoming SOLD OUT workshop, Convergence Healing, Finding Freedom Through the Pain of Addiction. 
 Alayna's Beauty Talk and More - 380,000 listeners. Peter speaks about addiction and healing 
 Peter was the guest of the hour on Ella Speakes talking about the power of meditation and his process for healing 
 Featured guest on the Conscious Lifestyles show with Ginger Leilani Chapin! Third appearance and today we're talking about creting a wildlife sanctuary in your own backyard. 
 Just on the Oh, Mary Show with Mary Kennedy and Paul Janek! Hour long show with 30,000+ listeners on LATalkRadio.com. 
 Featured on the Ella Speakes show in Oklahoma! www.EllaSpeakes.com 
 Peter featured on "Feed Your face" (newsletter and website) with Dr. Jessica Wu, M.D. 
 Peter speaks at the Bodhi Tree Book Store with Greg Larsen about the "Gay Pain Body" and the teachings of Eckart Tolle. 
 Peter is a guest on Dr. Peter Weiss' radio show More Health Less Care - www.blogtalkradio.com/morehealthlesscare 
 Peter is a guest speaker at Project Service Los Angeles - A Transdenominational Spiritual Center where he was invited to speak about homophobia. 
 Peter is the featured guest for the Village Variety Pack in Hollywood - Live show! 
 Peter and his company CreateYourHealth.com is featured on Luxury Beauty Products - http://www.luxurybeautyproducts.blogspot.com/ 
 Peter posts his first blog as a featured writer for Frontier's Publishing - http://www.frontiersweb.com/blogosphere/health/home.aspx?BlogID=1002434 
 Peter was chosen as a "Hot Bachelor" for LA's Most wanted in Frontiers Magazine - http://www.frontiersweb.com/Features/Highlights/Story.aspx?id=1268367 
 Peter appears on Giger Leilani Chapin's Show "Conscious Lifestyles" (WGCH) to talk about CreateYourHealth.com and complementary Alternative Medicine. http://consciouslifestyles.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/create-your-health-literally/ 
 Frontiers Magazine - Peter was profiled by jouranalist Michael Anthony about the LA Pride Festival. 
 CYH - Adds six bloggers to it's website who blogging about everything from health, nutrition, weight loss, meditation, spirituality, and death and dying. 
 Whole Foods and CreateYourHealth.com co-produce a mini health fair at the Whole Foods in West Hollywood, CA. 
 CreateYourHealth.com goes global with downloads soon to be available on Amazon, iPhone, Nokia, Melody UK, and Blackberry. 
 CYH is featured in the LA Times Brand X Magazine. 
 Peter appeared as a special Alternative Health Expert on the Gregory Mantell Show to talk about how to detox your body the natural way. 
 Peter was interviewed on th Cindy Laverty Show about Finding Your Purpose 101 
 Peter Bedard and CreateYourHealth.com featured at the first New Media Vault mixer. 
 Peter just appeared on Veronica Entwistle's show on BBSRadio.com. He was a one hour special guest on hypnosis, alternative therapies, and creating the life you want. 
 CYH-Alternative Health Mixer brings together like minded individuals to explore attracting abndance and getting organized.