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Jacquie Jordan
- Founder -
Jacquie has produced
countless TV shows and been
involved in booking, or
producing 10,000+ television
guests. Jacquie also works
with new experts and exciting talent
on their branding, promotion,
marketing and development,
as well as on-camera skills.
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Books Published By Jacquie Jordan Inc.

The Real Purpose of Parenting: The Book You Wish Your Parents Read
Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy
NINETEEN: A Reflection of My Teenage Experience in an Extraordinary Life
Alex Details Revolution
Alex Detail's Rebellion
About Us

Jacquie Jordan, Inc. / TVGuestpert.com / Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing are visionary media companies that seek to educate, enlighten and entertain the masses with the highest level of integrity. Our full service production company, publishing house, and media development firm promise to engage us creatively and honor ourselves as well as our community in order to bring about fulfillment and unlimited abundance both personally and professionally.

We achieve these goals by teaching others how to develop their message and get it out to a mass audience in an inspiring way, using a multitude of media platforms in order to create unlimited abundance for all.


Jacquie Jordan
Richard Waner
  Our executive/administration offices are run by Stephanie Cobian, an aspiring director and graduate of Cal State Northridge who oversees the day to day administration of the executive offices for TVGuestpert.com. To contact her please direct inquiries to Stephanie@TVGuestpert.com.
Bookings Department
  We do not employ bookers: instead, we utilize highly experienced and qualified television producers. Why? We know what producers want because that's what we are, that's where we're coming from. When media outlet producers come to us seeking talent and experts, we work with them to create segments and show themes based on our client's flexible, tailor made talking points. TVG creates dynamic SYNERGY between media outlets and our client's messages and unique guestpert brand platforms, serving the needs of both parties. To contact her please direct inquiries to bookings@tvguestpert.com.
Media Management Department
  While Bookings handles incoming inquiries, Media Management focuses on exporting our clients' messages to media outlets as well as tracking outlet outreach themes, i.e. "what's hot/what are they looking for this season?" Once Jacquie Jordan Inc has developed a media strategy and brand for the TVGuestpert client, the Media Management Department, works to implement those elements and leverage TV and Radio bookings. We don't just want you on TV and Radio, we want every appearance to build and support your longer-range media and branding goals, such as DVDs, books or the thriving, soon-to-explode frontier of branded Internet content. To contact Elisa, please direct all inquiries to elisa@tvguestpert.com.
Writing Department
  This special department can write in their sleep – books, articles, blogs and more. Working closely with our clients, they are able to capture your voice and tone, and also get your message across to the mass public through their writing skills. We have multiple levels of our writing services to help you get your message out there with the power of the β€œpen” – ghostwriting services, copy editing services, blogging services and social media packages. Our writers will create original and strategic content in your voice and utilize all media. To find out how our writers can help you, please email Assistant@TVGuestpert.com.
IT Department
  TVG has a thriving web presence maintained by our behind-the-scenes IT department. It's a dynamic, living website that changes on a daily basis, from updated client pages and reels to the addition of up-to-the-minute newsworthy items to our Hot Topics page. We have implemented new technologies to make TVGuestpert's website cutting edge in terms of accessible video and data content. Our library houses myriad video, story and topic content that are released as breaking news to the national producing community. Every day, the TVG website receives significant traffic from outside producers engaged in a constant hunt for new experts, guests and material. Why not join the TVG community and get your materials out there for all the decision makers to see?